Bid to Host APCG Conference 2022

The Asia-Pacific Federation on Giftedness (APFG) is now accepting bid proposals to host the 2022 Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness (APCG).

The APCG is a biennial event in the summer, usually in July or August providing opportunity to contribute to the global conversation about gifted and talented education. Past conferences have been held in Manila (1990), Taipei (1992), Seoul (1994), Jakarta (1996), New Delhi (1998), Beijing (2000), Bangkok (2002), Daejeon (2004), Taipei (2006), Singapore (2008), Sydney (2010), Dubai (2012), Beijing (2014), Macau (2016), and Bangkok (2018). Daegu (South Korea) will host the 16th APCG Conference in 2020.

The deadline for bid will be 15 July 2020. Please submit your bid by e-mail to APFG President Professor Usanee Anuruthwong at The APFG Executive Committee (ExCo) Members will review bids. Potential bidders are also encouraged to participate in the 2020 Daegu 16th APCG Conference to present their proposal at the APFG meetings, and answer questions from the Executive Committee members. The successful bidder will be announced during the 2020 Daegu Conference.

The following information should be included in the proposal:

 Hosting university/government institution(s)

 Planned dates (preferably between July and August)

 Venue (city, information on conference facilities, number and size of conference rooms, travel/transportation consideration)

 Conference organization

 Tentative program for main conference

 Tentative program for youth summit

 Conference budget

 A suggested conference theme and related sub-themes focusing on current and future trends and issues in gifted and talented education (not essential but will strengthen your bid)

 Tourist information

Usually the APCG Conference attracts more than 500 participants for the main conference and 300 children and youth for the youth summit. Thus a conference site having an auditorium/room for this projected number of people should be considered.

The Conference budget format will include the following categories:

 Rental (venues rental, venue set-up, audio visual rentals)

 Publicity (program preparation, printing flyers and announcements)

 Conference operation expenses (telephone, mailings and correspondence, packets, meals)

 Hospitality (special guests, major speakers)

 Publication for program book and proceedings

 Local conference committee allowance

 Expenses for the APFG ExCo Meetings (7 members) before and during the conference.

 Suggested registration fees for main conference (usually including ticket to the welcome reception, lunch, coffee break, access to all main conference sessions, conference materials and program book, etc.)

 Suggested registration fees for youth summit (usually including group airport pick-up & drop off services, catering and accommodation during the youth summit, free registration for 1 teacher/consultant with 6-12 students and for 2 teachers/consultant with more than 12 students from each country/region)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any query at

Thank you.